Cover of book Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Earnshow is a reach landowner who picked up a small gypsy named Heathcliff from the street. His daughter Catherine and the young boy became friends. Eventually the childish friendship developed into a very strong feeling. Now they can’t imagine life without each other. But Catherine has a brother Hindley. Hindley is immoral and a despicable person. He had always hated Heathcliff. He tries to do everything to make the lovers apart. Unfortunately, Catherine is going to get married to Edgar Linton. Edgar is a wealthy landowner. After their marriage Heathcliff disappeared for many years. It was unbearable for him to watch his beloved with another man. But finally he comes back. He was pushed to do this by some unpleasant circumstances. What other obstacles can the fate present to these suffering people? What other ordeals do they have to overcome on the way to happiness? And there is one – suddenly one of the lovers falls ill.

Film version: Wuthering Heights

Total words: 21824
Unique words: 1427

Words, you might not know:

queen, lei, hatless, muttered, milkman, muttering, bothered, scornfully, sourly, unpleasantness, posted, gentlemanly, churchyard, wickedly, wickedness, supposing, scornful, imagining, swearing, mil, uninhabited, stupidly, rudely, gravestone, breathlessly, goodnight, windswept, declared.

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