Within High Fences

Level: elementary
Length: short

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Cover of book Within High Fences by Penny Hancock

This is a love story about two people from different countries and different social classes. Nancy is eighteen years old and lives with her boyfriend Tom. She has a wealthy life. Her boyfriend minds against her work but Nancy adores expensive and beautiful things. She earns for them herself. She works as a guard in a centre for asylum seekers. There are strict rules and the guards watch over the order. That working day was usual for Nancy but the night shift changed her life. A tall dark-haired man, one of the asylum seekers, took an extra cake to feed a little boy. He received a rebuke from the guard. He and Nancy were on the different sides in that situation. But her heart and mind have belonged to him since that time. Will he answer her feelings or it will be just an illusion?

Total words: 6431
Unique words: 553

Words, you might not know:

jewellery, policewoman, bookshop, cupboard, biscuit, bill, asylum, answering, buying, noisy, passport, cafe, thirteen, goodbye, fourteen, eighteen, champagne, taxi, scar, thief, blond, supermarket, eleven, drawer, intelligent, excuse.

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