Wild Country

Level: elementary

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Cover of book Wild Country by Margaret Johnson

The main character Tess Marriot is a young girl, who works for her father’s company. The company is engaged in walking holiday. Tess is a team leader for Wild Country. In spite of this, her life is full of unexpected surprises and frustrations. She is always late, often confuses something and gets into troubles. That morning wasn’t an exception. Tess was going to the airport when a big dog bit her. That’s why she accidentally overturned the flower tent and dirtied white and expensive shoes of one lady. But it turned out that nobody saw this dog! Wasn’t it crazy? The poor girl had to pay a big compensation to those people and she came to the airport too late. Another great frustration! Still hoping for better, Tess’ father entrusted her a leading expert of their company Grant Cooper as a partner for this tour. Unfortunately, Tess and Grant hate each other, so the trip will be very interesting.

Total words: 13680
Unique words: 922

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