Washington Square

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Cover of book Washington Square by James Henry

Talent, success and acknowledgement do not guarantee happiness in private life. If you are a very good doctor, it doesn’t mean that you can save your relatives from illnesses and death. A young and famous doctor Austin Sloper wasn’t able to save his first baby. His beloved wife gifted him a boy, but the infant lived only for a few days. Two years later his wife bore a girl. The girl survived. The mother passed away next week. Doctor Austin Sloper couldn’t put up with it until the end of his days. He found some consolation in raising his daughter. The more the girl was growing, the more her father was getting disappointed. Catherine was not so beautiful as her mother and did not show great intelligence as her father. In the end the doctor asked his widow sister to bring up his child. The father plunged into his work. But was the girl really so homely?

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Total words: 14818
Unique words: 1135

Words, you might not know:

murmured, courting, conceited, murmuring, insincere, thinning, cleverness, coldness, displease, ungrateful, deciding, foolishly, outwardly, ugliness, laughable, moustache, trembling, admiring, talker, judgement, sleepless, obedient, embroidery, alarmed, parting, rightful, appointed, uncomfortably, unwelcome, impatiently, seated.

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