Cover of book Voodoo Island by Michael Duckworth

What do you know about Voodoo? Many people think it can be dangerous. They are right. Those, who use voodoo, usually make dolls of their foes. They make their enemies feel pain using these dolls. A magician can even kill a man. A doctor of Harvard University is flying to Haiti. She is going to work at the local hospital and write a book about Voodoo. Several months ago, she had one patient. He suffered from a terrible pain in the stomach. The man was sure that someone used Voodoo against him. Unfortunately, this patient died. The doctor got very interested in this case. She decided to find the “houngans” in Haiti. The “Houngans” are the people, who still know how to use Voodoo. Many years ago, the strongest Voodoo houngan lived there. He died long ago, but people still believe that he is between two worlds. Even nowadays, they are afraid to pronounce his name aloud.

Total words: 5583
Unique words: 577

Words, you might not know:

believing, aeroplane, graph, lorry, voodoo, lazily, housework, ringing, graveyard, dislike, coconut, noisy, don, bored, goodbye, jam, grind, dusty, taxi, terribly, ha, awake, pencil, pin, doll, excuse.

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