Viking Tales

Level: elementary

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Cover of book Viking Tales by Chris Rose

Asgard is a country, which Odin, Willy and Ve made for themselves. Odin populated it with his sons, the rare inhabitants of many other worlds (Njord, Freyr and Freya from Van and Loki from the Giants). The souls of the warriors who died with a sword in their hands also came to this country. The latter live in Valhalla and wait for the last battle. The Ases are gods who send protection to the Earth for people from the giants. The Ases observe the life of mankind. One of the main differences between the Viking religion and many other ones is the existence of some negative qualities for the gods. They are no longer considered infalliable as the Christian god. They are not absolutely good like the Chinese gods. The Ases bear (though in the future) responsibility for their atrocities, in contrast to the Greek Olympians.

Total words: 10695
Unique words: 812

Words, you might not know:

queen, armour, jewellery, keyhole, goodnight, chariot, lying, waking, snore, connected, salty, greedy, cloak, farmhouse, thunder, bum, veil, disappointing, blonde, fastest, goddess, necklace, skeleton, hammer, bored, castle, loudly, axis, goodbye, frighten, grind.

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