Vanity Fair

Level: intermediate

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Cover of book Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray

Main Characters of this story are Miss Amelia Sedley and Miss Becky Sharp. They study in Miss Pinkerton’s private boarding. Amelia is a daughter of successful businessman. She has a calm character and everybody love her. Becky is an orphan, daughter of an artist and a French dancer. She is a pretty, smart and knows French. She lives in Miss Pinkerton’s house and getting education also works as a teacher of French for younger girls. Amelia and Rebecca are friends. But Amelia is a rich and she can’t understand Becky’s problems and help her. Girls have completed private boarding together. Amelia is going to be married to officer Osborn. She loves him very much. Rebecca was offered job of a governess in an aristocratic family. But before it she was invited to visit in Amelia’s house. Miss Sharp met Amelia’s brother and wanted to marry him but this cannot be done…

Film version: Vanity Fair (2004)

Total words: 12480
Unique words: 1748

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