Two Worlds

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Cover of book Two Worlds by Antoinette Moses

You never thought that there are absolutely two different worlds in the society – one world of poor and another one of rich people. These two worlds have always existed and they will go on existing. You can ask how great the difference is between them. In this story, a journalist from England Karen will try to answer this question on the example of her country. Many of the British believe that the country is divided into two parts. Those poor people live in the North of the country, and the rich ones are in the South. Karen wants to shed light on life of poor children and make a documentary about it. She chose to interview a little girl Rosie, who lives in a housing complex with many other poor families. This complex is only half a mile from Karen’s office. But it is totally different from London where she lives.

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underlined, canary, wharf, reflected, lying, mum, hopelessness, threatened, insensitive, lunchtime, horrifying, further, cameraman, thoughtfully, spotted, anyhow, fridge, affected, divided, luckily, hamburger, sober, sticky, reported, zoo, packet, lobster, cereal, amazed, nicely, idiot.

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