Treasure Island

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Cover of book Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

This book is a classic pirate’s adventure novel. It’s fascinating story about the search of treasure which has been hidden by the captain Flint on a desert island. A young boy Jim accidentally involved in this story and later played a very significant role. It began when an old seaman had arrived to the inn, owned by the boy’s father. It was immediately clear that this man accustomed to command. He introduced himself as Capitan and was a cad and drank constantly. He tried to avoid any society, but when he was drunk, he told his sea stories for all around. Captain was paying Jim Hawkins for watching the emergence of seaman with one leg, it seemed he was very afraid to meet one-legged sailor for some reason. Soon, Jim’s routine life was turned upside-down by terrible and unexpected accidents.

Film version: Treasure Island

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