Cover of book The University Murders by Richard MacAndrew

Billy Marr used to come to police station and to tell about different crimes he has committed. But all his stories always were a lie, so when he told Logan that he has killed a young woman by his own hands she didn’t believe him and told to get out. But suddenly a message has come about the body of a young woman has been found and it looked like Billy described his victim. Shocked inspector worried about her possible fail, but on the early stage of the investigation was clear that another Billy’s story was the result of his imagination again. A researcher from the university has found the dead girl. It has been learnt more about the victim and her job, Logan has followed the computer science department at the university. Meanwhile the body of another student from the university has been found.

Total words: 17810
Unique words: 1346

Words, you might not know:

eagle, waitressing, floored, amine, tarn, breakable, scots, bothered, impolite, supervising, strangled, parkland, pullover, fashioned, nosy, darkening, directed, misbehave, tasteful, needlessly, madam.

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