Cover of book The Star Zoo by Gilbert Harry

This book will send you thousand years ahead in the future. People are alone in the universe. They polluted Earth and had to escape from their home planet. All the animals died out. Now people marry for one year only. This is done for the reproduction. The clothes cover the whole human body and only the eyes can be seen in the holes. People recognize each other only due to the eyes. The sixteen years old teenager Hummingbird had to challenge the society. One old man made a proposal to her on Remembering night and she couldn’t refuse. According to the rules in the galaxy women couldn’t say “no”. Nobody could give a helping hand to her. After Hummingbird’s father had told her to print a wedding dress, the girl decided to run away from this planet into the galaxy. There will be no one except her and the stars!

Total words: 8269
Unique words: 727

Words, you might not know:

cheep, councillor, haw, ultrasonic, spacesuit, mil, ping, disobey, hummingbird, lying, checking, polluted, borrowed, caterpillar, unimportant, buff, spaceship, mend.

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