The Star Reporter

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Cover of book The Star Reporter by Antoinette Moses

Sometimes much knowledge, talent and abilities are not enough to achieve a career development in any field. To become a real star in your area you should be competitive with ambitions and want to be the first and the best. You have to be ready even to violate your own conscience. The same situation is in journalism. The journalism is a real power, which influences on peoples’ life. With the help of this power, you can either make a person famous or destroy it. In this case, everything depends on the person who chose this profession. A young and ambitious journalism student dreams of a great career. He has already much succeeded in this. He tells us about the story that once happened to him and completely changed his life.

Total words: 2618
Unique words: 699

Words, you might not know:

spotlessly, murmured, marvellous, broadsheet, carol, telegraph, dominating, resigned, flooded, readership, buggy, triangular, funded, managed, cupboard, intended, intellectually, tabloid, heavyweight, indoors, flooding, sideways, filing, guardian, furious, eighteen, winning, excite, goodness.

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