Cover of book The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Mary Lennox has arrived from India to Yorkshire. When Mary has moved, she didn’t know how to be kind and politely to relate people. Mary’s parents had died when she was only nine, but at lifetime they did not care much of their only child. Mary grew up disagreeable and lonely. In her uncle’s estate Misselthwaite she has met her maid Martha and later Martha’s brother Dickon. They were poor, but they lived happily, loving each other. Sometime later Mary has met her uncle’s son Colin Craven, who as well as Mary was unloved. Colin couldn’t get up from bed because of his “illness”. One morning, Mary found a neglected garden on the estate. She and her friends began to take care of this garden, and as the garden began to bloom, children too, began “come to life”. At the same time Mary changed her attitude to people, making friends, and they also saw it completely on the other side.

Film version: The Secret Garden

Total words: 10226
Unique words: 894

Words, you might not know:

unbelieving, unkindly, backache, uneaten, canna, craven, rose, calmness, dreamily, disagreeable, keyhole, mil, moor, horrid, tearful, housework, busily, unfriendly, cleverly, lying, bravely, spade, unhappiness, childish.

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