It’s American novel about Puritan’s in 17 century. Hester Prynne made became pregnant not from her husband that was away. It was a big sin to give birth to her daughter but she did it. Puritans had several ways of punishment for such sin, they could even behead the sinner. But no matter of the punishment, transgressor ought to wear a Scarlet Letter – a big letter ‘A’ that meant ‘Adultery’ at his breast. With the help of young pastor Reverend Dimmesdale Hester got a light punishment – she was condemned to stand on the scaffold before crowd. She refused to give the name of her child’s father and this became a mystery. Meanwhile an old physician came to village and Hester recognized her husband in him. Hester agreed to keep their secret, and physician swore to find her lover.

Film version: The Scarlet Letter (1995 )

Total words: 12934
Unique words: 2250

Words, you might not know:

persecution, curse, adultery, embroidery, cemetery, sinister, congenial, gloomy, frailty, grim, maiden, repute, hussy, winced, virtue, infant, elaborate, complexion, embroidered, illuminated, brazen, apparel, scaffold, pillory, horrid, paternal, decayed, toiled, deformity, weary, merciful, fair, sermon, engraved, vileness, grievous, repent, wilderness, eloquent, melancholy, physician, ransom, apprehension, avenge, irreparably, folly, decay, misshapen, wronged, vengeance, vehemently, pitch, tormented, fatality, solitude, ignominy, thatched, barren, ornamentation, relentless, vigor, scorned, banished, ingernal, perverse, flawless, majestic, inexplicable, malicious, enigma, offspring, outcast, soberly, badge, catechism, tremulous, sacredness, earnestness, executed, leech, captivity, intuition, transpire, ghastly, impartial, incessantly, hideous, groped, stealthily, inimical, peer, immense, wary, symptom, ailment, meddle, outburst, thrust, pact, stereotype, manipulate, odious, profanation, machinations, penance, vigils, anguish, cowardice, expiation, torpid, malevolent, congregation, afflicted, gloating, fiend, earnestness, closet, brook, listless, conscience, clutching, preach, venture, transgressed, exhilaration, gesticulated, surge, spiteful, cackled, gloomy, devastated, enraptured, awe, snatch, sustain, serene, lavish, mingle, inscription, sable, gule.

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