Cover of book The Piano by Border Rosemary

This is an exciting story about a boy that discovers and develops a musical talent. Tony Evans was from a poor family. The boy was good-for-nothing; he hadn’t got any special skills, talents or abilities. Once he found a piano. Or it’s better to say that the piano found him? First, the reader will meet an old man, who is on the top of his glory. He will tell his incredible story to the newspaper reporter. The reporter came to a concert that was performed at the theatre. The event was organized for the eightieth anniversary of Sir Anthony. A lot of people came to the theatre to see the genial pianist. The theatre was completely full of visitors. The reporter was a bit nervous, going to the pianist’s dressing room. There she learned a wonderful life story of a poor boy.

Total words: 5729
Unique words: 639

Words, you might not know:

queen, eightieth, hullo, mending, farmyard, lorry, practise, ringer, lark, rubbish, doorman, unlucky, borrowed, silvery, borrowing, thirsty, dearly, cupboard, aged, farmhouse, pianist, kindness, sleepy, daytime, trousers, happening.

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