Cover of book The Phantom of the Opera by Jennifer Bassett

The new owners of the opera theatre have got a strange message from the ghost of the opera. This phantom wants to have a Box Five and twenty thousand pounds every month and Christine Daaé has to play the lead. Directors haven’t believed in it. They thought it was a bad joke. But soon in their theatre have happened few death and prima Dona Carlotta has lost her voice. Christine Daaé is an orphan, her dead father was a musician and often told her stories about “Angel of music”. When Christine got work in this opera she has met with this angel. His name was Erik, he was wearing a mask on his face and taught her singing. After these tragedies in the theatre Christine has debuted in the lead and Raoul recognized her. She has been spending her childhood in his house, they were in love. But suddenly she has disappeared.

Film version: The Phantom of the Opera

Total words: 5832
Unique words: 505

Words, you might not know:

doorkeeper, motherly, shh, margarita, phantom, mmm, toad, lovingly, thirsty, chandelier, eh, madame, dressing, underground, torture, clever, ha, freely, builder, persian, fool, angel, opera, dancer, missing, dear, rope, ghost, ugly, ah, helpful.

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