The Phantom Airman

Level: elementary

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Cover of book The Phantom Airman by Allan Flewin Jones

The members of the school archaeology club received a summer task. The children have to do a summer task about their town during the Second World War. The summer holidays are approaching to the end but some pupils haven’t even started the project. Four friends cooperated together with a common aim – to do the task quickly. There was an airfield in their town. It was a very important place during the war. Now it has a historical value. So, the pupils gathered there for the research. They had been taking photos among the ruins when a terrible storm began. It was raining, the lightning was flashing and there was thunder. Suddenly a fire aircraft dropped out from the dark clouds and crashed onto the house. The house was in fire. A stranger appeared from nowhere. He was dressed as a military pilot. The man desperately shouted for help as there were children crying in the house.

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