The Old Oak Bowl

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Cover of book The Old Oak Bowl by Antoinette Moses

Robert Walker lived a simple life as a teacher. For forty years, he had taught how to work with wood in one school. He was a good specialist in his subject. The teacher knew who he was. He felt in the right place. Robert did not like changes, so he was not particularly pleased when his school started accepting girls and not only boys. He also did not like foreigners and was very proud that he was a true Englishman. Robert Walker loved the history of England and could not bring himself to respect people from other countries. Those people who called themselves Englishmen just because they lived in this country and spoke English or their parents migrated here. What will happen to the worldview of such a patriotic person if he suddenly finds out that he is not a true Englishman himself?

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murmured, mugging, woodworker, absorbed, woodworking, flemish, charged, woodwork, rubbish, restoring, charging, restored, mend, kettle, schoolteacher, waterfall, monastery, seventy, hay, superb, multicultural, circular, respected, hobby, satisfying.

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