Cover of book The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

During last 84 days, an old Cuban fisherman Santiago goes to the sea but cannot get any fish. His small friend Manolin continues to help him, although his father prohibits to do this. But the old and young men still see each other and speak about this and that. At 85th day old fisherman again goes to the sea as always on his small sailboat. This time he is being lucky and catching such big marlin, that nobody saw before. Next several days a big fight takes place between the man and the fish. Finally Santiago manages to exhaust and kill the huge fish. But marlin takes boat far away into the sea. It’s very hard to take the catch to the shore, too many sharks want to get a helpless flesh.

Film version: The Old Man and the Sea

Total words: 12759
Unique words: 1203

Words, you might not know:

gaff, gaunt, furl, patch, benign, wrinkle, spot, obey, faith, stuff, butcher, marlin, cove, sardine, serve, slap, bait, attain, humility, trick, mast, cast, shack, guano, charcoal, relic, weigh, bodega, bean, timid, surf, roar, bore, pebbled, lashing, lean, taut, shiver, trickle, tentative, tow, brace, cramp, urinate, coagulate, warbler, teeter, grip, lurch, strip, claw, chew, treachery, pour, taper, rapier, endure, slant, devise, fillet, lime, rig, jerk, strain, nauseate, vomit.

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