Cover of book The Million Pound Bank Note by Mark Twain

An ordinary official worker suddenly appeared in foreign country only with one dollar in a pocket. When he spent his money at first day, he became an absolutely beggar. But his destiny wasn’t to die from hunger. Two very rich brothers had an agreement: can someone live a month with one unique note of five million pounds or not? They proposed poor foreigner to take park at such experiment and to find out a truth. A hungry and tired man did not understand the proposal clearly, but when he heard word money – he agreed. He took an envelope with banknote and rushed to the nearest cafe. He ordered a lot of meal, but when he opened the envelope, he understand that he could not pay…

Total words: 4617
Unique words: 576

Words, you might not know:

transaction, starve, hurt, faint, speechless, apologized, cricket, hockey, polo, lottery, hurried, awful, signature, bill, asylum, tailor, trouble, millionaire, elegant, measure, customer, luxury, ambassador, credit, duke, duchess, earl, countess, viscount, steak, celebrity, precedence, cribbage, marvelous, scared, guarantee, certificate, astonishing, deposit, lap, amazed, cashed, valuable.

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