Maggie Tulliver’s first love was very strong, but her lover wasn’t aproved by her whole family and particularly her brother who extremely hated him. As Maggie was were where devoted to her family she broke relationships with her boyfriend. That it was only a begging of her love sufferings. Later she fell in love with her cousin’s betrothed. The choices she had to make are painful ones, as either way she standed to lose – either the man she loves or the respect of her friends and family.

Film version: The Mill On The Floss (2006)

Total words: 6315
Unique words: 686

Words, you might not know:

untidy, scissors, screamed, court, twisted, sword, hoys, dead, foot, badly, Deeps, lifted, traded, whip, Floss, rushed, steamboat, flood, climbed, untied, row.

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