Young Bassanio, whose parents were rich and left him with money, spent all his possessions and had a lot of debts. He decided to marry a rich and beautiful Portia and asked for help from his friend – the Venetian merchant Antonio. Antonio borrowed money from Shylock, the Jewish moneylender. Condition of the deal was that Shylock has the right to cut a part of flesh a pound weight from the body of the merchant if he did not pay back on time. When Antonio ships wrecked and the deadline for payment of the bill has been expired. The case of failed deadline would be heard in the court.

Film version: The Merchant of Venice (2004)

Total words: 5035
Unique words: 915

Words, you might not know:

crossly, blushed, fault, dashing, wound, state, moat, range, grimly, stables, saddles, strait, fake, dagger, stab, sternly, eagerly, bow.

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