Cover of book The Man in the Brown Suit by Agatha Christie

What is strange about death in the subway? The police are sure that’s an accident. But Anna Beddingfeld saw the murderer. She is confident about it and decides to find him. The note with the date and the address, which she found on the platform, helps her. She knows what to do. But Anna does not even suspect that there is one more victim. And what is the connection between these two people? The Man in the Brown Suit knows the answer. And Anna manages to find him… As always, Agatha Christie wrote an intriguing detective story. The author surprised her readers. The famous Belgian Hercule Poirot gave way to the tiny girl. And Anna proved to be a good detective. The fans of the series “Bones” will estimate this compelling novel.

Film version: The Man in the Brown Suit

Total words: 22347
Unique words: 2297

Words, you might not know:

palaeolithic, poisoner, focussed, reopened, exercising, labelled, envied, shouldered, purser, soldierly, duomo, washstand, notepaper, booted, choked, mined, lord, washbasin, marvellous, kipper, surfing, dullness, overdraft, verandah, inquest, bandaged, practise, bay, suntan.

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