The Little Prince

Level: intermediate

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Cover of book The Little Prince by Saint Exupery Antoine

This is a childish book created for adults. This novel is written in the easy style, but it has a deep philosophical sense. Each reader can find answers to the questions that he had been searching for. The main character of the story is the Little Prince. He arrived from a small distant planet. He had been travelling to different planets and finally he reached the Earth. Here he met the second character. This acquaintance became a key action in this book. Through the contact with the Earthling the Little Prince brings us eternal truth, so much love and sincerity. The things that nowadays are almost forgotten. The novel was translated into 180 languages and it belongs to the TOP100 greatest books of the XX century. The story also has many film adaptations and theater performances.

Total words: 13738
Unique words: 1597

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