Cover of book The Lahti File by Richard MacAndrew

In his past Ian Munro was a spy. Now he is a foreign executive. His boss Naylor is a serious and closed person and sends people on difficult and dangerous missions. Today Naylor gave Munro three pieces of newspaper news: two dead men, increase of the birds in the city and death of fish in the river. From the first sight these accidents had nothing in common. Presumably it was gas. But Naylor needed to find out for sure. Munro got a mission with the file named Lahti. The foreign executive had to go to Finland, to the town Lahti. There he had to meet with the man Pentti Virolainen in the church. This man could give some information on this deal. Munro was going to stay in this town and wait for other directions. But nobody came to the church.

Total words: 12629
Unique words: 1092

Words, you might not know:

bioengineering, chasing, motorway, freeing, unpleasantly, typed, bookshop, crossed, drugged, deciding, whisky, sauna, sightseeing, crashing, knocking, hiding, shelve, forwards, waving, screaming, parked, lying, checking.

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