Cover of book The Ironing Man by Colin Campbell

Marina and Bill left London and moved to a small village. Bill found a new interesting job at once and Marina stayed at home. She loved her husband very much, but this new life didn’t make her happy. They were the youngest couple in the village and didn’t have any friends. There was no job for Marina, so the young woman did housework: washing, cooking, cleaning, shopping and ironing. Gradually she started hating it. Her husband tried to help his poor wife, just making more and more lists of errands. Everything was boring and pragmatic. One day Marina was ironing. She looked at the pile of clothes and thought that it would be amazing if someone could do this terrible housework for her. Suddenly the doorbell rang. There was a splendid man, ready to fulfill her desire…

Total words: 14371
Unique words: 1035

Words, you might not know:

queen, wasting, emptied, sally, photocopier, masseuse, barman, quietness, unloved, blackbird, communicating, firstly, ironing, mil, planted, thirdly, picking, matched, indie, cappuccino, goldfish, knocking, hiding, housework, raincoat, repeating, parked, lying.

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