Cover of book The Heroine by Patricia Highsmith

When Lucille’s mother dies, the young twenty-one-year-old girl decides to leave her native town and start a new life. She moves to Westchester only with one suitcase. The house of the Christiansen is one of the richest in Westchester. The girl gets a job as a nanny for two children of this family. Nine-year-old Nicky and six-year-old Eloise become a salvation for Lucille. The children help her get over the loss of her mother and find a taste of life again. When she receives her first salary consisting of $20, she burns her money. Her wish is to work for the Christiansen forever and have a secure future. She dreams to take care of the children. Lucille can even work for free, but the family doesn’t take her seriously. What can a girl do when somebody tries to take a new meaning of life from her?

Total words: 2901
Unique words: 634

Words, you might not know:

queen, ornamented, governess, ruffled, piggy, gentleness, rolled, madam, omelet, shyly, chauffeur, alarmed, ashtray, further, gladly, confidently, bribe, pleasantly, smoked, imagined, sane, bedtime, clumsy, wonderfully, heroine.

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