Cover of book The Gutting of Couffignal by Dashiell Hammett

The detective Continental Op has been hired to guard presents given at a wedding, on a small and exceedingly exclusive island called Couffignal. In order to live on the isle, you need millions income. Late at night, as a storm was raging, the lights went out across the island, followed by the sounds of gunfire. The hired detective was asked to go down to see what had happened. It was raining hard. He discovered an armed car has come across the bridge, which has been blown up to prevent any outside forces impeding the robbers’ escape or the rescue of the denizens, and a machine gun was firing on anyone in sight. The rest of the gang members were robbing the house and stealing millions. The only way off the island was by boat, but when the Op tried to explore the bay, he was shot at another machine gun.

Total words: 7135
Unique words: 995

Words, you might not know:

gutting, lei, bush, murmured, tightened, emptied, designed, storekeeper, wrecking, bay, departing, duchess, joker, freed, suitably, wrecked, providing, observant, downpour, raincoat, chauffeur, coolly, eastward, lying, unsuspecting, jeweler.

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