Cover of book The Elephant Man by Tim Vicary

This is a very sad and horrible story. It happened at the end of the 19th century. The young surgeon Dr. Frederick Treves was interested in the advertising photo of a freak in a freak show. Only from a scientific interest he decided to visit that place in order to see this creature with his own eyes. The doctor discovered a miserable and downtrodden freak. Its head had a wrong anatomical shape. His master treated him in a terrible way. He was violent and humiliated the freak, considering him stupid and mentally disabled. Dr Treves bought the creature. He was very surprised, when he found out that the freak was an intellectually and spiritually developed person. Gradually empathy and compassion changed the professional interest. The book is based on the real events.

Total words: 4965
Unique words: 441

Words, you might not know:

queen, postman, shopkeeper, lighthouse, countryman, faithfully, thirsty, wonderfully, trousers, closing, loudly, goodbye, banana, elephant, cab, bath, hers, horrible, cloth, pleased, dear, ugly, twelve, hungry, loud, asleep.

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