Cover of book The Double Bass Mystery by Harmer Jeremy

This story tells us about Penny Wade, who plays the double bass. And this is her first foreign trip with the orchestra. The Barston Symphony Orchestra in England consists of 25 members. All of them came to Barcelona. Unfortunately this arrival was unlucky for Penny. She got bad news from their manager Frank Shepherd: her double bass had been lost. All the musical instruments were transferred in the truck. Perhaps, they forgot to put it there or it could fall out from the truck. There were eight double basses in BSO and Penny’s was the last and the worst one. Her handsome boyfriend had number two. Next day he proposed her to use his instrument and play instead of him. There was something wrong with his hand and his behavior was rather strange. Later in the hotel lobby Penny read the newspaper article about a robbery in the gallery…

Total words: 7501
Unique words: 661

Words, you might not know:

plonk, motorway, barman, sleepily, catalan, stupidly, concerto, goodnight, maestro, ramble, whittle, unfriendly, lying, violinist, cello, harp, frenchman, quicker, guitarist, trumpet, shepherd, frank, bill, dove, wade, eighty.

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