John Unger is a young boy of sixteen years old grown up in a rather rich family on the farm Hades at Mississippi. John went to the St. Midas’ school outside the Boston – one of the best and most expensive school in the whole world. The first two years of education has flown smooth. Every summer John went on holiday to some friends from school which lives at different fashion places. He was very amused by fact that parents of all rich pupils from his class were very similar and almost the same. At second year of John’s education he met a boy Percy Washington. Although Percy wasn’t friendly to all pupils at all, he became a John’s close friend. So when summer was approaching Percy offer him to spend all the holidays at his home. When they were at the way, Percy said that his father is the richest man of the world, and was trying to defend his words also added that he have a diamond as big as the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

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