Cover of book The Coldest Place On Earth by Tim Vicary

The race began in the summer of 1910. Two ships, two Captain, two teams started almost together left their homes for South Pole. Team from Great Britian with capitan Robert Falcon Scott on black ship Terra Nova and Roald Amundsen from Norway on ship named Fram were in bussiness. Britian Capitan Scott decided to fetch ponies and motor sledges and only a few dogs, cause he belived they doesn’t work at Antarctic. When the Terra Nova arrived in Wellington, New Zealand for them, we learnt about his opponent from Norway. But he didn’t want any races at that moment and only laughed at this. When both ships reached Antarctic all men from two teams wanted to be first at Pole and set flag of thier country. Norwegian are the best skies at the world and their team had a better equipment. Both captains will make a lot a mistakes but it is only because of strong desire to reach the South Pole first.

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midwinter, august, sledge, oat, snowstorm, antarctic, norwegian, helm, plateau, ninety, seventy, nineteen, eighty, polar, arctic, thirteen, sixty, fourteen, eighteen, excite, sixteen, fog, sunny, diary, eleven, forty, horn, pen, march.

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