A young talented doctor Andrew Manson has just received his diploma. He arrives in a tiny provincial town Drineffy to practice medicine. Like any other young idealist, Andrew is full of hopes and aspirations. He is ready to change the whole world. But the practice turns out to be not so interesting as he expected. He is forced to live in a little room, to live from hand to mouth, to suffer from despotism of his wife, who is obsessed with money. Manson is in despair when he learns that some other doctors give their patients colored water instead of the medicines! He has come face to face with a system which has so many flaws. It becomes his main enemy. He decides to start his fight from himself. The doctor decides to study hard. Finally he gets a doctorate…

Film version: The Citadel

Total words: 36702
Unique words: 2556

Words, you might not know:

aneurism, anxiety, bacteria, battlements, carriage, citadel, hay fever, hormone, inquiry, relief, scorn, sewer, surgery, suspicion, tonsils, tremble, tuberculosis, typhoid

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