Cover of book The Call of the Wild by Jack London

It was the time of the Alaskan gold rush in the 1890’s when sled dogs were very in demand. It is a story about a dog named Buck. He grew up with a comfortable life at Shepherd’s ranch. He was always fed and happy.
But from the first day that Buck was stolen he learnt about hunger, thirst, and cruelty. Buck’s life changed. He was harnessed with other dogs to carry the government post. The dog pack had its own laws and Buck had to get used to them. Every evening lying in the snow, Buck constantly looked back on his life at the ranch and from the forest heard howling wolves. Then by day Buck overcame the distance of a thousand miles during a hard frost. Buck decided to become the leader of the pack to survive in such hard circumstances. To do this, he had to eliminate an opponent…

Film version: The Call of the Wild (1993)

Total words: 8106
Unique words: 743

Words, you might not know:

spin, wheel, hum, disinherited, fiercely, furry, crate, growled, hatchet, engine, leash, fang, harness, sled, miners, forces, howl, ancestors, courageously, exhausted, axe, borealis, arid, antlers.

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