The Bourne Identity

Level: upper-intermediate

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Cover of book The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum

The man’s body were found by the fishermen in Mediterranean and brought to the French island. The man had many bullet wounds and scars all over the face. When the stranger came to life, it turned out that he didn’t remember who he is and what happened to him, but he could speak several languages and had other unusual abilities. Doctor found a piece of film under his skin. There was a bank details, signature for an account at a bank in Zurich. Than stranger had known he had experience of guns and after he spent some time for recovering he went to Zurich. He received money from bank account and had discovered that his name was Jason Bourne. But was it his real name or not? After some investigations, Bourne realized that he tracked by the very dangerous killer…

Film version: The Bourne Identity

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