The Beast

Level: elementary
Length: medium

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This story takes its beginning in the West-London at Susie’s apartment at the end of twenty century. Susy and her lovely husband Charlie worked hard a lot. Once they decided to spend time together and rented a house at the little village far away from their home. Then they have heard from the people a strange things about their rented house. Someone said it was a bewitched house! Farmers in this village lost their sheep, and they said a strange creature was guilty in their disappearance. Horrible curses has been begun to follow the married couple. At first it was a road accident with the hospitalization of Charlie, then kidnapping of Susy and finally a werewolf who has been appeared in their life.

Total words: 13710
Unique words: 1335

Words, you might not know:

landlady, werewolf, belt, quietness, beyond.

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