Cover of book The Amsterdam Connection by Sue Leather

Kate Jensen – is a professional reporter. She likes her work but her impulsive boss often annoys her by tantrums. One day she had a nice meeting with her old friend and ex-colleague Max who proposed her to write the story about a football club that he has ruled with his brother. They arranged to get in touch on the phone in a few days. But two days later Max was killed. When Kate found out that Max had been found dead in Amsterdam, she tried to get business trip from her boss and finally went to Holland. The main police version was a murder for stealing pocket money. But Kate’s experience and her knowledge about dead friend’s life style said her that there was something else. And exactly not the elementary muggers attack. Later Kate learned more about last Max’s business and his 25 percent share of the club. So who was interested in Max’s death?

Total words: 16219
Unique words: 1280

Words, you might not know:

stabbed, queen, guilder, digoxin, sportswoman, handcuffed, colourful, footballer, motorway, barman, policewoman, faxed, mugging, poof, screeching, goalkeeper, posted, whit, mugger, walkman, croissant, multimillionaire, whisky.

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