The Age of Innocence

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Cover of book The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton

This novel is one of the most important literary phenomena of the first half of the XX century. Here you’ll find a tragic and a shrill love story, shocking the basis of bases the society of the upper class in a New York of 1870, which tried to copy a manners of Victorian England. This is the history of clean and bright feelings, which the young Newland Archer felt to the shiny, educated and unfortunate countess Ellen Olenska . Newland Archer is a successful lawyer, who is dreaming about a real passion in a depth of his soul. He is engaged with the sweet and innocent girl. This marriage will give him a satisfied and quiet life. But when the cousin of his future wife – Ellen came to the USA after the public scandal in Europe, Archer gets into her nets of secret powers and a beauty. Now our hero has to make a choice between the world that he know and a world of his dream.

Film version: The Age of Innocence

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