Cover of book The Absence of Emily by Jack Ritchie

When I married my second wife, Emily, I moved to live in her house in northern California. It’s a big house with a lot of land around it, just outside a small town. The next house is almost exactly the same, and that belongs to Emily’s sister Millicent. Millicent and Emily. Sisters. But completely different in looks and in character. Millicent is tall and rather thin. She is very strong-minded and likes to control everyone around her, including Emily. She wasn’t too pleased when I had come and took Emily away from her influence. But at this time I know how solve this problem.

Total words: 1719
Unique words: 461

Words, you might not know:

postmark, employed, surname, spade, cupboard, moonlight, luggage, jealous, ashamed, visiting, frighten, fourteen, downstairs, murderer, grind, sixteen, thief, clever, supermarket, awake, eleven, aunt, silly.

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