Once Jack – the head of the Durbeyfield family, accidentally reveals that his family is descended from the ancient knightly family d’Urberville. Jack goes to pub to celebrate the gentility of his family. There he learns that some Mr. Stoke-d’Urberville living not far away. The next day on the morning Jack cannot wake up, so Tess had to drive products with the help of their only value possession – the horse. Tess Young and her little brother went to the town. But unluckily they fall asleep while were driving and their horse crashed into a wood and died. Mother insists that Tess should go to the Stoke-d’Urberville. She hopes he might help them as realities. But indeed he hasn’t any connection with the d’Urbervilles, he only took that name from local history book. But he really liked the young Tess and he is not very shy to show his fondness.

Film version: Tess of d Urberville

Total words: 19275
Unique words: 2441

Words, you might not know:

affection, ancestor, baptize, churn, crow, destined, grasshoper, hedge, reap, ribbon, seduce, shed, skim, sob, vague, waggon.

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