Cover of book Tears of the Giraffe by Alexander Smith

Botswana is a successful African country. It is developing very fast. The author of this book Alexander McCall was born here. He loves his native land sincerely. He created a series of books “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective agency.” The head of this agency and the main character is Mma Ramotswe. Mma is called Mrs. or Madam in Botswana. She has a wonderful secretary Mma Makutsi and a real friend Mr. JLB Maketoni, who wants to marry her. They are a great team and help many people. The range of their activities is very wide, from stolen cars to missing people. There is a very interesting and dangerous case about a child waiting for them. The police and the embassy were unable to help a desperate woman find her son. Will Mma Ramotswe be able to help the mother?

Total words: 18911
Unique words: 1245

Words, you might not know:

jeweller, blackmailer, lei, jewellery, bush, lord, believing, anthill, bushman, lorry, secretarial, toolbox, blackmail, hah, kale, schoolboy, giraffe, waving, rubbish, judgement, gratefully, lying, commune, zebra, typing, unhappiness, upside.

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