Spider-man 3

Level: pre-intermediate

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Cover of book Spider-man 3 by Stan Lee

The third and the last part of Spider-man adventures. Three years have past since Peter Parker became a Spider-man. Now he is a hero and a famous star in New York. Peter is the best student at the university, has a work, and he accepted his powers and responsibility which came with them. Peter has a girlfriend and she is a Broadway star, he loves her very much. Mary Jane knows that her boyfriend is a spider-man and they have plans of their future. But Peter’s friend Harry still hates him and blames him in his father’s death. Harry dreams of revenge and has all resources for it. Dressed in a New Goblin’s amour he tried to kill Peter, instead of it, Harry had lost his memory. At this time Flint Marko, the prisoner, who has ran from police and hid in zone of scientific testing, where turned into sand. So there are many dangers for the city now.

Film version: Spider-man 3

Total words: 9549
Unique words: 1029

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