Cover of book Simon Decker and the Secret Formula by Jenny Dooley

A thirty-year-old man Simon Decker was sitting in his room and trying to start writing a detective novel. He had been worked as an expert of the bombs for the army for a long time. But then he understood, that this work wasn’t his cup of tea and quitted. He got enough time for his passion – creating detective stories. Inspiration didn’t want to come to him and the writer stuck on the first paragraph. Suddenly, Simon heard a gunshot, woman’s scream and his dog barking. Our hero chased after his dog. The dog led him to the neighbor’s house. The window was broken and Simon saw a bloody body through it. The neighbor was still alive. Simon gave him first aid and called to the police. He discovered a telephone bug there. They used such bugs in the army. Who and why wanted to kill his neighbor? This man was just a simple scientist.

Total words: 5763
Unique words: 714

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