The Shivering Mountain

Level: elementary

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Cover of book The Shivering Mountain by Antoinette Moses

These holidays are the worst for Paolo. He lives in Italy. Next year he is going to university, so his parents decided to send him to one English family for three weeks. Paolo has to improve his English and understand English way of life. The member of this English family Nick came to Paolo’s family last year. The boys spent time very well. They even managed to became friends. This year Nick’s family is going to Peak District to watch the birds. For a teenager, who loves movies, cafes and urban entertainments, the trip to nature does not seem tempting. He wishes to stay in London and have fun. Paolo is filled with hatred about Peak District. Bu there is no choice. Parents will not take him home. So how do you think, will Paolo accept it or not?

Total words: 3650
Unique words: 797

Words, you might not know:

goshawk, situated, jewellery, murmured, anorak, motorway, lorry, siesta, suntan, despairing, nick, ridiculously, rubbish, madman, mummy, melted, haunted, horribly, guidebook, misty, cavern, noted, cheerfully, disgusted, disapproval, grassy, connected, annoy, amuse, horrify, midday.

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