Cover of book Ring Of Thieves by Richard Prescott

Suddenly James Keating lost consciousness. He felt very bad. He had terrible headaches and he did not know he was or where he was. Actually he did not remember anything. One boy woke him up. Sometime later he was able to learn his name and address finding a business card in his wallet. He barely got home and went to bed. His health was undermined. After having woken up, he discovered his girlfriend Susan near him. Susan was not silly. She knew that the events happened to her friend were very dangerous. She was afraid to leave him alone. Susan tried her best to help James remember everything. They will find out the cruel truth together. At the end thanks to this situation Keating will understand what a real woman’s support is.

Total words: 13885
Unique words: 969

Words, you might not know:

jewellery, cheque, lord, stockroom, forepaw, strangling, wailing, policewoman, reaper, drawbridge, rose, judo, imagining, partridge, goodnight, brooch, trembling, doorman, booking, lying, unlucky, leaflet, jeweler, cunning, bellow, glitter.

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