Cover of book Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro

The hero of the novel is a butler Stevens. He has been serving most of his life in the house of the Lord Darlington, and now he is still doing the same work in the same house. But now his boss is a rich man from America, someone Mr. Farraday. The new owner is not like the previous one and his un-British behavior keeps Stevens in constant tension and more exhausting him. After receiving approval for a small vacation, Stevens goes to a meeting with the former housekeeper and his old friend, Miss Kenton. Six days’ journey filled with memories of the past Stevens, working with Lord Darlington. Stevens misses his friend Miss Kenton and hopes that he might be able to convince her to return to her previous work and help him in such difficult time.

Film version: Remains of the Day (1993)

Total words: 32289
Unique words: 2020

Words, you might not know:

affection, anticipation, banter, butler, climax, cocoa, condolences, devoted, dignity, drawing room, fair, footman, for, grounds, indeed, landing, landlady, lawn, maid, nostalgia, pier, prime minister, puppet, refresghments, senator, stroke, summershouse, tray, tryolley, turning point.

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