Detective story featuring Salahadin El Nur, who searches for the answer to the riddle of an ancient curse. He suspects an English professor of being involved with a gang of ruthless smugglers. Nobody knows much information about this doctor, but many famous archaeologists read his only book and most of them agreed with main idea of the book, author of that says that he knows where buried Queen Axtarte also known as Queen of Death, because she poisoned all people who knew where her body was buried and also she had protected her tomb: “Anyone who enters my tomb, anyone who steals from my tomb, anyone who touches my body – that person will die a terrible death. And many more will die with him.”

Total words: 12815
Unique words: 1382

Words, you might not know:

suburb, ancestors, pillar, telex, remark, pavement, junction, squealed, boot, tow, mourners, lightshades, binoculars, desert, gully, sealed, spades, enormous, twisting, cruelly, tyre, bluff, itch.

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