Puss in boots

Level: elementary

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Cover of book Puss in boots by Charles Perrault

Everything starts from an unusual present. A poor man got from his father a cat. It was not an ordinary cat. It could talk. The talking cat became the best assistant to his master. He helped the host gain favor with the king. The cat caught a rabbit and gave it to the king saying that it was a gift from his master. Using different smart tricks, he managed to get various new things for his owner. The cat found beautiful clothes and most importantly, a huge castle. The king was convinced that the owner of the cat was a decent man. He decided to marry off his only daughter. This man will be a worthy husband. What will happen if the great king finds out the truth? The king respected his future son-in-law, without knowing everything. All the achievements belong to the cat in boots. Maybe the cat will be able to find a way out in such a knotty situation for his master once again…

Film version: Puss in boots

Total words: 2562
Unique words: 461

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