Police TV

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Cover of book Police Tv by Tim Vicary

Stealing from strangers is not good, but not everyone learns this simple rule from childhood. Very often people choose this way of making money for living. They do it without thinking about how their victims feel. Everybody can become a victim of some pickpocket. It is enough to encounter a man on the street and no matter how attentive you are, the sleight of the swindler’s hand deprives you of your purse. Here the custodians of law, valiant police come to your rescue. Their duty is to serve the society by maintaining order and justice. With the help of the modern technical means, they catch intruders. So, our heroes Dan and Sue are trying to catch one pickpocket. They use surveillance cameras and manage to identify him.

Total words: 1526
Unique words: 297

Words, you might not know:

jogger, peg, trousers, cafe, dock, policeman, upstairs, purse, lane, hungry, anger, knife, arrest, bread, milk, tired, careful, everywhere, steal, angry, bridge, ring, thanks, pocket, carefully, lots, lady, following.

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