Cover of book Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

From the first pages the readers will be able to get into a world of criminal London of the XIX century. The main character Oliver Twist comes into this world in a small room of the workhouse. His mother dies after the childbirth. The poor baby is forced to drag out a miserable existence among poverty, deprivation and unfair. Oliver gets into the system of supporting poor people. However, in fact, it performs the opposite function. There are many avid officials, who are looking for the benefits only for themselves. The inhabitants of the workhouse have to work really hard. They don’t get enough nutrition, they are beaten and often die of exhaustion. It is a nightmare for a poor Englishman. Soon the child gets into a company of the bandits. They want to spoil him in their manner.

Film version: Oliver Twist

Total words: 25647
Unique words: 1884

Words, you might not know:

pursued, starred, deceiving, rook, seizing, evilly, interfering, pawnbroker, jewellery, m, paleness, murmured, tamed, believing, seized, tightened, bowing, sally, disgustingly, unkindly, friendless, enquire, workhouse, glancing, cur, contusion.

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